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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

All New Story and Changes

We are splitting up the books in a way that you are able to read one without needing the other. 

I have reached a financial limit to publishing, and need the help of a larger publisher.  In order to gain approval I need to begin the next book as it's own, able to stand on it's own.

Actually for those who have read the first two published, you will feel it's a continuation, but for a publisher it will be a great place to start. 

Over the past few months I have been to several Elementary schools finding feedback on my books and trying to motivate the children to be better students and take the best care possible of this amazing planet.  Like Lucy and Lucas. 

I am going to scan the letters they have sent me and post them to this blog.  With a list of first names only.  This will be my own way of saying thank you to them and the schools for having me over. 

Sales are still very slow, but thousands of copies have been gifted and read, and many letters with feed back have been sent.  99% are positive and one had a comment about grammar mistakes.  I have my own style of writing and some of the childish slang I use might be mistaken for bad grammar, also I had the book edited by three different editors so it would be interesting to see what mistakes were still considered. 

I will add a next post tomorrow with the school and names of the kids who send me amazing letters. 

I need to get back to editing the Grand Canyon in order to submit it ASAP.